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Heal from Within ~

          ~Here With You

Providing trauma-conscious support

for women on their journey of healing . 


           Within and With You is a place for community,

   for learning, for feeling, for creating our favorite selves. 


Through my work as a postpartum doula, yoga teacher, and

somatic-focused therapist, I provide:

-education of the intricately designed body able to birth

-non-judgmental support along side women as they discover

  and create their identity as mothers 

-yoga practices that foster self-trust and inner peace

-a trauma-conscious framework for women

  to safely process their experiences


My hope is to offer a heart-centered space for women to

rediscover their true sense of self, find their inner peace

and heal through motherhood




  • Postpartum doula support

  • In-home care for mothers and baby

  • Explore mother's self-care

  • Caring for baby while mother rests


  •  Prenatal & Postnatal yoga

  • Trauma- conscious framework

  • In-home sessions available

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Meditation techniques


  • Somatic-focused therapy

  • Trauma-conscious framework

  • Can include yoga practices like mindfulness and meditations, if desired


I have supported families and children as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology for the past 10+ years, through therapy and evaluations in both the school and clinical settings. While children’s emotional and mental wellbeing will always be a priority for me, my heart’s work was redefined and revealed to me about 5 years ago. I realized the support needed, first and foremost, was with parents. Having recently become a mother myself, working alongside other parents is where I discovered I wanted to be.


We heal from Within. I’m here With You. 



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